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Lenox Lamb Sshlumpie

Lenox Lamb Sshlumpie

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The snuggliest friend on the farm!

The irresistibly soft fur is a delight for little ones to feel. The loose, blanky-like body is oh-so-cozy to snuggle. The charming expression of the face sparks the imagination while the embroidered details and patterned tummy fill the heart with joy.

It's love at first snuggle!

Make their first memories warmer, fuzzier, and more adorable with the 19-inch Lennox Lamb Sshlumpie.

Lennox Lamb Sshlumpie - 19 inch
  • Plush lamb with blanky-like body
  • Encourages snuggles, calmness, coziness
  • Fur is irresistibly soft
  • Blanky-like body is wonderful to hold and hug
  • Charming expression sparks the imagination
  • Embroidered details and patterned tummy add cuteness
  • Includes one Lamb Sshlumpie
  • 100% machine washable
  • Measures 19 inches long
  • High-quality materials and stitching - Lasting durability
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