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American Cancer Society Celtic Knot of Strength

American Cancer Society Celtic Knot of Strength

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LOLA designs and creates beautiful, high quality 925 sterling silver & gold vermeil jewelry. Each piece has its own inspirational message on the back meant to mark important moments in people’s lives and making them one of a kind.

Material: Sterling silver with enamel inlay

Size: Small (19mm)

Celtic Knot of Strength

It has always been within you. 
That spark and that fire.
You’ve got this. 
It doesn’t have you. 
It is just another chapter. 
You’ll rip the pages right out. 
And write your own story. 


“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” - C.C. Scott  

Gold Vermeil Center pendants are 18 karat gold plate over sterling.

Sterling silver pendant with enamel inlay.

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