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Grit and Grace

Gold Bolo Bee Anazonite Bracelet

Gold Bolo Bee Anazonite Bracelet

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The Adjustable Bolo Bracelet reminds you of your inner strength: you have the grit that it takes to create a pearl during even the roughest of waters. This concept bracelet is simple, stunning, and elegant; you’ll enjoy wearing it in smooth sailing and the storms of life. 

We designed this bolo bracelet to fit comfortably on any wrist and look beautiful as a stand-alone or layered set of gold bracelets.

A bolo clasp is the bolo bracelet's main design element that makes this style so popular. The clasp is the adjustable closure that ensures that your bracelet not only fits perfectly but remains secure on your wrist.


Display Card: 3.5” x 3.5” ivory linen paper, gold-pressed text

Front Text: “The World Is Your Oyster”

Back Text: “No Grit, No Pearl. Courage and resolve; strength and character. Bravery, spirit, strength of will, resolve, resolution, determination, tenacity, perseverance, endurance. Let this gift remind you that you’ve got what it takes and the world is indeed yours!”

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